About CMRA

About CMRA

The Centre for Municipal Research and Advice (CMRA) is a dynamic consultancy organisation in the field of local government. CMRA was established in October 2005 (registered as a Private Company at Register of Companies South Africa).

Born out of two Local Government Associations

As a daughter company of the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG International), CMRA is able to draw on the extensive international experience of VNG-I in providing technical advice and assistance to municipalities in the field of economic development, across three continents. VNG International and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding expressing the support of the work done by CMRA and teaming up on projects to support South African municipalities.

Our Vision

“A trusted and reliable brand in the local government sector.”

Our Mission

“Strengthening local government in Southern Africa.”

Our Goals

- To build and deliver effective tailored solutions to the local government sector in specific areas of specialisation.

- To be associated with responsive high quality delivery.

- To build tools and a body of knowledge that will enhance the local government sector in Southern Africa.

Our Approach

CMRA assists municipalities by offering tailored and innovative solutions to critical challenges through:

- A complement of Project Management and Specialised Expertise.

- Tailor made solutions anchored by “ground-truthed” baseline information.

- Application of inclusive process facilitation tools and techniques.

- Hands on mentoring support – “we do not do things for municipalities, we do things with municipalities.”

- Promoting learning, knowledge exchange through Benchmarking, Colleague-to- Colleague learning, Hands-on Mentoring, Process Facilitation and Country-to-Country exchange. 


In 2015, CMRA celebrated its 10th year in strengthening local government and local government associations and as such, CMRA remains dedicated in continuing to offer cutting-edge and innovative technical assistance to this sphere of government