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CMRA signs MoU with Planact

CMRA and Planact (a non-governmental development organisation) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise their partnership in the field of local government. The initiation of this MoU is based on the reality and understanding that both CMRA and Planact actively work in the field of Local Government, and have common goals and objectives in this respect, which indicates that cooperation and collaboration in this area would be mutually beneficial and could lead to synergy in the field, hence the desire to formalise the partnership between the two parties through an MoU. 

CMRA and Planact’s collaboration will be based on but not limited to projects in the following themes:
1 Participatory Governance
2 Local Economic Development
3 Integrated Human Settlements
4 Other local government capacity building initiatives (like Benchmarks, Peer to Peer Learning and Research)

During the signing ceremony, CMRA was represented by its CEO, Ms. Letticia Naid and Planact by its Executive Director, Mr. Frederick Kusambiza-Kiingi.