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Kingfisher Programme

Mzimvubu-Tsitsikamma Proto-CMA

During this week of 29 February – 4 March 2016, the Rijnland Dutch Water Authority is being hosted by Mzimvubu-Tsitsikamma Proto CMA. This week’s visit is an introductory visit for the two who will partner in the Kingfisher Programme which facilitates knowledge sharing through a colleague to colleague approach in integrated water resource management. The visit also includes discussion with the Gamtoos Irrigation Board, Buffalo Metropolitan Municipality, Amatola Water Board, Ncora Irrigation Scheme and the DWS offices in Port Elizabeth and East London. At the end of the week a short list of subjects for cooperation and a roadmap for the cooperation will be developed.

Vaal Visit

During the week of the 15th to 19th February the Vaal River CMA met with its partner Dutch Water Authorities; Brabantse Delta (WBD), Dommel (WD) and the municipality of Breda (MB). The objective of the visit was to create action plans for the three areas of cooperation; catchment management strategy, information management, licensing and water use authorisation. A video was made by one of the participants that summarises the visit: .