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LGCP Programme

In the week of 17 August 2015 the municipality of Winterswijk from the Netherlands and their South African partner municipality Camdeboo organised a work week in East London as part of the LGCP programme.

Purpose of this week was to finalise the preparations for the rental housing project (CRU) in Graaff Reinet on which they had done a lot of work over the last few years. Now they have come to a point when a final submission can be made. Throughout the week meetings have taken place between the people of Winterswijk and Camdeboo and with the provincial Department of Human Settlements to finalise the details of the proposal. The proposal for the project should be presented to the provincial government within the week of the 24th of August.

Besides the finalisation of the proposal for the rental housing project, there was a three day exchange with the human settlement department of Buffalo City Municipality. Other departments of the municipality that are involved in the successful delivery of human settlements (such as the infrastructure department) were also present. This exchange had come about through a discussion between the two mayors of these municipalities last year. Now the housing officials came together to share their experiences on rental housing, taking the differences in size and situation into account. Both municipalities saw many opportunities for learning from their counterpart by sharing their knowledge. After this week, a follow up will be done to plan for specific exchange activities.