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Training of Trainers Workshop

On Tuesday the 22nd of August 2017, a Training of Trainers workshop took place at the South African Local Government Association National office in Gauteng. The workshop forms part of the Rental Housing Amendment Act Training programme currently being run by the National Department of Human Settlements (NDHS). NDHS is working in collaboration with SALGA and CMRA is the implementing partner. In sum, the project seeks to train municipal officials to effectively provide information to society on the Rental Housing Amendment Act (RHAA) (2014).  The aim of the workshop was to equip trainees/facilitators with the necessary skills to provide and facilitate training to municipal officials on the Rental Housing Amendment Act (Act 35 of 2014).  

Utilizing a trainer’s guide and training manual developed by CMRA, trainees were trained on how to provide training and how to effectively engage with the municipal officials receiving the training. In addition, trainees were trained on the main questions to expect from municipal officials and how best to answer them. Trainees were also trained on how to draw out key amendments in the Act and convey this to rental housing officials who will be responsible for running Rental Housing Information Offices (RHIOs).

The training session was informative and engaging.  Representatives from the National Department of Human Settlements, CMRA and SALGA were present at the workshop. Representatives from eight of South Africa’s Rental Housing Tribunals were also in attendance.

The training of trainers workshop was the first in a series of 13 workshops that will take place in all municipalities in six selected provinces in South Africa. The provinces are as follows:

·         Gauteng

·         KwaZulu-Natal

·         Limpopo

·         Mpumalanga

·         North West

·         Western Cape

The sessions to train municipal officials are set to kick off on the 26th of September 2017; CMRA is gearing up in anticipation to pass on knowledge on the amendments, consequences and subsequent implementation of the requirements of the Act. More updates will follow.