Our Services

The products and services CMRA offers are adapted per project to find practical and realistic solutions to specific challenges. CMRA implements projects aimed at decentralisation and strengthening the capacity of local governments in southern Africa. This is done either alone, or in consortia with partners offering complimentary expertise.

CMRA conducts quantitative and qualitative research on local government themes.

CMRA offers technical support to municipalities to enhance their local business environment through effective reduction of ‘Red Tape’.

CMRA has specific skills to design, manage and implement short term to multi-year projects, aimed at strengthening the capacity of Government in southern Africa and its institutions.

CMRA provides training and support to councillors, ward committees and officials on multiple topics including enhancing effective community involvement in municipal governance, planning...

CMRA assists municipalities in the formulation of comprehensive and implementable municipal policies and strategies. Topics are for example Local Economic Development, Housing and Social...

CMRA facilitates the practice of benchmarking between peer municipalities. The process allows municipalities to identify their comparative strengths and weaknesses. Through networking...